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1. To provide free education to medical professionals in developing countries to achieve, in the long term their self-suffency. It's one of the fundamental cruxes of CPM Foundation to organize theorical-practical workshops for local surgeons. These workshops are very specific; experienced surgeons, all volunteers from CPM, give all theory items during the lectures and then, they put these in practice in the Operation theatre. We think this is the way to improve not only the knowledge of each surgeon, but it contributes to increase quality of the sanitary system of the countries we work with.

2. To collaborate with Universities, Institutes, scientific societies, institutions and investigation centers stimulating the exchange of professionals, sanitary personnel and/or students.

3. To bring out, periodically, manuals and other didactic materials.


To provide free surgery to those in need in poor countries suffering from treatable disfigurements.

Specially in any emergency situation, such as natural disasters, epidemics or armed conflicts.

To work to improve the host countries sanitary infrastructures. Not only by the building of new facilities but introducing new methods like telemedicine, through a digital camera and a PC for the diagnosis of cases and follow up from patients.
The popularization and consciousness of the sanitary necessities of all territories where the Foundation works to achieve the improvement of these conditions.

Dr. Joaquin Barraquer

Every year, CPM Foundation awards a person or association to emphasize their work in favour of the improvement of society. This year, CPM wishes to grant the Humanity Award to Dr. Joaquín Barraquer, for his unique task in the world of...

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