En memoria de Vicente Ferrer
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Since 1989, Dr. Beut has visited Kenya regularly and has been lending his services disinterestedly. In 1995, he was appointed a consultant in plastic surgery at Catholic Wamba Hospital. These years served to gain experience and earn the trust of his Kenyan friends. As a result, he created AMREF's Spanish headquarters. He also lent his collaboration to operate on victims of the terrorist attack perpetrated on the American Embassy in Nairobi in 1998 and collaborated with a Tanzanian leper hospital.

CPM Foundation was founded in March 2000, with the objective of rendering voluntary reconstructive surgery and related specialities on children and adults in need of this type of medical attention.
The most frequent operations are on the after-effects of burns, congenital malformations such as cleft lip and palate, injuries caused by accidents or war, Noma, the after-effects of leprosy, oculoplastic alterations with serious ectropions and lagophtalmos, Hirsprung-type congenital malformations in children, anorectal fistulas, etc

Dr. Joaquin Barraquer

Every year, CPM Foundation awards a person or association to emphasize their work in favour of the improvement of society. This year, CPM wishes to grant the Humanity Award to Dr. Joaquín Barraquer, for his unique task in the world of...

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