En memoria de Vicente Ferrer
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Child watching at the sky

Putting smiles back on the faces of children with congenital malformations and degenerative illnesses is one of our Foundation's main aims.

CPM Foundation is a Spanish non-profit organization, whose objective is to provide voluntary reconstructive surgery services and related specialities to children and adults in developing countries.

CPM is the only Foundation in the Balearic Islands dedicated to this type of activities and also provides health education for professionals in the medical field of third world countries who, because of the lack of knowledge or/and materials, are not able to provide the necessary assistance to patients who need reconstructive surgery.


Dr. Joaquin Barraquer

Every year, CPM Foundation awards a person or association to emphasize their work in favour of the improvement of society. This year, CPM wishes to grant the Humanity Award to Dr. Joaquín Barraquer, for his unique task in the world of...

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