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One of the pillars of CPM’s philosophy is training sanitary personnel from developing countries. Following the idea of making participated the beneficiaries of the received help, CPM in collaboration with several local hospitals organizes training workshops in reconstructive techniques. The workshops are monographic, between 7 and 10 days long, with theorical and a practical part at the operating theatre. The faculty is a team of volunteer from 5 to 8 specialists, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, paedriaticians, speech therapists, etc. depending on the workshop’s subject. CPM also moves the surgical instrumental and material and edit manuals which are adapted to the workshop and the local conditions.

Plastic surgery was born to give valid solutions to several deformities that can turn a person into handicapped. In countries where people’s worth depends on their capacity of work, having a deformity, congenital or acquired, often establishes the difference between life and death. It is not a matter of aesthetic. In countries where CPM works, the training of surgeons does not include plastic – reconstructive surgery, only general surgery, it is because of this that it is essential to help them completing their training. There are annual workshops, as well as punctual, depending on the needs of our collaborators in those countries.


Dr. Joaquin Barraquer

Every year, CPM Foundation awards a person or association to emphasize their work in favour of the improvement of society. This year, CPM wishes to grant the Humanity Award to Dr. Joaquín Barraquer, for his unique task in the world of...

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